The RestoringVision Story

Since 2003 RestoringVision has worked with groups and organizations to provide reading glasses and sunglasses to those in need around the world. This video provides a brief overview of RestoringVision's work.

Envision the World

Mark Sachs, Founder of RestoringVision, and Erwin Cho, Fulbright Alumni and Association Board Member, discuss the impact that glasses have on people's lives and the world economy.

The work of Williams College and RestoringVision

Giving the Gift of Sight to those in need is an enriching experience. This video features the work of Williams College in the field. It highlights the impact that glasses have on people’s lives.

How to Effectively Dispense Reading and Sunglasses

This new training video provides detailed information on setting up a clinic for maximum impact. You will learn how to effectively dispense reading glasses and sunglasses, set up your own dispensary, and manage crowds in an efficient and effective way.