Read what our partners have to say about their experiences dispensing RestoringVision’s reading glasses and sunglasses.

Improving Nourishment 

“People were speechless once they saw their vision improve. The people of Haiti were so excited, they had to break up the glasses into daily limits, because there were so many people wanting glasses. The biggest impact they saw were in nourishment-the adult were having trouble seeing to prepare meals-carving meals-cutting bread, in addition others were able to get back to trade work.”

Envision The World, Haiti, 2015

NBA All Star Partners with RestoringVision 

“RestoringVision is partnering with DMF to provide thousands of pairs of reading glasses annually to DMF for the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital. RestoringVision was launched in 2003 with the goal of providing glasses to people around the world who need help with their close-up vision but are unable to obtain help. RestoringVision has helped distribute over 3,000,000 new reading and sunglasses with over 800 charitable groups. We are thrilled to be working with them to bring glasses to the DRC!”

Dikembe Mutombo, Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2015

Sunglasses Can Make a Difference

One of the great blessings about working with RestoringVision this year was that we could give out sunglasses. In the past were limited as we did not have ample supply and had to depend upon donations and they were expensive to buy through retail. There is a great need for sunglasses from a practical standpoint because we see many people with red eyes irritated by exposure to the sun. I think of one lady in particular.  She is a street vendor, carrying a heavy container around all day in the hot sun.  She was so grateful for the sunglasses we gave her.”

Sherry Neese, Vision4Eternity, Honduras, 2015


“All of the people at each of the sites were so appreciative of the reading glasses! It was such joy to be able to watch them put them on and witness their expressions as they are able to read clearly, then to watch their joy increase as they were able to read their new Bibles! We extend to you and your team their gratitude and hugs they gave us as a result of receiving the glasses! I even had two people at my site, who were each missing one eye. It was so humbling to be able to fit them with reading glasses that enabled them to read clearly out of their remaining eye. The joy that filled their faces is indescribable!”

E3 Partners, India, 2015

That Smile That I Will Never Forget

“Giving out glasses made a huge impact on many of the patients’ lives.  Many gave us smiles of appreciation, some gave us hugs, and others thanked us numerous thanks for helping them see the world again.  I personally can tell you that each and every person that worked in the vision station at some point in time felt a connection with the patient and also felt touched by the stories of these people.  One story I have is that we were closing up our station on the last day.  Then an old lady comes in and tells the optometrist and myself that she really needs glasses because she can’t see when she sews. I decided to stay behind and help the lady. I show her the chart and she can’t even read the first line. I give her the highest power we have, which was +3.50 and she put them on she had that smile that I will never forget and repeatedly thanked and hugged me.  She said because of me she could sew clothes for herself and family.  I can tell you that for each person that worked here had a similar story where they felt the same way.”

Summer Kanj, Foothill Collage’s Medical Brigades, Honduras, 2015

Health Education and Sustainability

“We would like to thank RestoringVision for all that you have done for us.  Without your generous support we could not have been able to address the dire need for readers not only for older adults, but also for many younger adults who have a need for reading glasses in Cambodia.  Your assistance in our cause made sustainability, not just a concept for the communities in Cambodia but a tangible reality.  We served approximately 1500 patients, giving each patient a combination of readers and/or sunglasses.  With RestoringVision’s help we had a chance to not only give health education on eye protection but also hand out over one thousand glasses! The smiles restored on the patients” faces, as they could finally read or walk into the sun without squinting, was beyond satisfying!”

Cambodian Health Professional Association of America, Cambodia, 2015


“These reading glasses were received with joy and celebration!  We handed each patient a pair of glasses as prescribed from their previous refraction assessment last summer. We then handed them a Bible to test their reading ability.  They smiled and some were “thrilled” with delight.  That’s the African custom! Although Congolese do not typically wear sunglasses, mostly because they cannot afford them, they were thrilled to receive them, especially after informing them that these glasses can assist them in preventing cataracts.  We took a photo of a group of pastors in their sunglasses and named them the “Cool Dudes”.  They thought that was hysterical!”

Central Congo Partnership, Congo, 2015

Preventing Eye Problems

“Because Honduras is closer to the equator, cases of cataracts due to overexposure to the sun are common. Being able to give out sunglasses along with the glasses will help prevent future eye problems. In accordance with your policy as well as BMDI’s policies, all glasses and sunglasses will be given to Honduran patients at no cost. Thank you for making glasses available at such an affordable price.  80% of the glasses that our patients need are reading glasses versus prescription glasses.”

Bound Jr., Baptist Medical Dental Missions International, Honduras, 2015

Thrilled to be Able to Read a Bible

“Thank you thank you thank you from the people of Kiburara Uganda. I was able to distribute 550 reading glasses to people of western Uganda this October.  They were thrilled to be able to read the Bible again.  Such joy on their faces.  Thank you for making this happen.  I worked with great interpreters and even those who couldn’t read were able to help with photos and other helps.  Blessings to you in this work that you do.”

Lisa Sheffield, Convenant Mercies, Uganda, 2015