Our Philosophy

HPBanner3At RestoringVision we believe that no one in the world should be deprived of their livelihood and self-worth because they cannot see clearly. We believe that everyone should have access to reading glasses and sunglasses to positively transform their lives.

Our priorities: Our main priority is to help people see. We base all of our decisions on whether and how much we will benefit those in need. In addition, we are dedicated to developing long lasting relationships through efficiently meeting the needs of donors, sponsors and partners.

Our network of partners: We are aware of how valuable and indispensable our team, donors, sponsors and partners are as we work together to help people see. We are committed to collaborating with people and organizations that share similar values through open and honest communication.

The way we work: We aim to make our processes simple in order to best serve our partners with ease. We offer an easy and effective way to donate excess inventory, to become sponsors, make donations, order glasses and put them onto the faces of people who need them most.

Raising awareness: At every opportunity we have, we raise awareness about the lack of access to reading glasses and sunglasses, and the impact that these have on people’s lives. Although glasses are very much needed, the lack of access is not a well-known issue. We believe that the more effort we put into spreading the word, the more people will become involved and help.

Our Values

IMG_0082Service: Our reason to exist is to serve those in need. Our success is measured by how many people we help and how we help them.

Integrity: We do the right thing always. We relate with our partners and team in a reliable way with trust and fairness. We always do what is right.

Simplicity: We aim to keep our processes simple and easy for us and our partners, so we can do more with our time and resources.

Collaboration: We unite efforts and resources with our team, sponsors and partners to serve those in need. Segregated we cannot do much, together we can do great things.

Commitment: We stay loyal to our cause to improve lives by helping people see. We are committed to insuring that glasses get to those who need them.