We Are RestoringVision since 2003

RestoringVision was launched in 2003 with the goal of providing glasses to people around the world who need help with their close-up vision but are unable to obtain that help.

Within a decade, RestoringVision has helped distribute over 2,600,000 new reading glasses and sunglasses working with over 800 charitable groups. According to World Health Organization, approximately 500 million people in developing countries are visually impaired because they do not have access to reading glasses. For these people, eyeglasses often are either inaccessible or unaffordable. Consequently, Directors of RestoringVision utilized their personal and business contacts to source readers and sunglasses for distribution to the groups who organize charitable outreach in developing countries.


Our Glasses in Developing Countries

Visual impairment is more than just a health problem. It has economic, educational, and public safety implications. For example, In Tanzania 71 percent of people are farsighted are dissatisfied with their ability to do near work, such as winnowing grain, sewing, reading, and cooking food. But only 6 percent of people in Tanzania who are farsighted have eyeglasses. In India till mid-2000, only 7 percent of the population wore spectacles, whereas about 65 percent of the population needed them.
Perhaps, thousands of groups in the US organize non-profit missions to developing countries for improving the lives of the poor by providing theme reading and sunglasses for free. RestoringVision’s goal is help these groups by providing reading glasses and sunglasses at nominal price alongside the group’s primary objective.

Our Glasses in United States

Visual impairment is also an increasing factor in US society. In analysis among all participants, factors associated with non-refractive visual impairment included older age, poverty, lower education level, and diabetes diagnosed 10 or more years ago. In concert with local non-profits, RestoringVision provides reading glasses so they can distribute them to their client base.